Smoking causes WHAT??


Surgeon general warns about cancer from cigarettes.

Imagine it’s March, 1957. You are relaxing after work, listening to a ball game on the radio, puffing a Chesterfield, and reading the paper. Then you are confronted with this article saying smoking causes CANCER!

How many people leaped out of their chair, put out the cigarette, and took the kid’s candy cigs just to be safe! “Now I gotta tell the guys at the mine tomorrow! They are going to be plenty mad.”

I got my dad to give up his pipe in about 1975… He was going to the dump and needed me to be a human tarp. I was pitching stuff into the dumpster below, he thought I was about to fall in, and whipped his head around to say “WATCH IT!!” – It caused his pipe to fly into the dumpster.

Dad was real quiet on the way home, after a little mumbling about it being his favorite pipe, he said “I guess I should give up smoking anyway.” And except for a cigar here and there, he did.

Flash forward to about 2015, he was at the doctor, and was told he had some lung scarring. So maybe he lived longer for not smoking? I like to think so.

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