Things it’s best not to win at auction #602

Things I am glad I did not win on Listia

W.C. Fields Battery TesterThis W.C. Fields battery tester. I understand that the company has the made-up word “Noveltronics” in the name, but come on, all it does is test batteries, good/bad based on whether his nose lights up.

Maybe they couldn’t get the rights to the guy from the “Operation” board game.

It could have been fun if they had it spout actual quotes. For example, If the battery was bad, it could say, “I like children – fried.” (That passed for humor in his time)

Further research reveals this was probably made in 1974, and it seems to be the only product Noveltronics made.

I bid 19,000 “Listia points” for this, with free shipping. I estimate the value of the points to be about $7.50. Just thought it would look cool in my toolbox. But as usual, I was outbid at the last minute. Just as well!

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