Gone with this Schwinn

No-name bicycle from the Olympic Sales prize catalog.

When I was 9,10,11, maybe 12? Used to sell Christmas Cards, then seeds per the season, door to door. This bike is from the 1970 Olympic Sales Club Christmas “prize” catalog. It was for selling 30 boxes- equal to a commission of $31.50 at $1.05 a box. Problem was, I would sometimes spend my commission as I went along.

Anyway, it didn’t appeal to me, Didn’t know how to ride yet, but I wanted a single-speed Schwinn Stingray- Our neighbor was selling a gently used yellow one for $30- after much haggling my dad got him down to $25. I only had $22.50, but my dad made up the difference, much to my mother’s dismay- I think she read in the paper about a kid with a head injury, no helmets back then.

I am glad we did that, because the one in the catalog, what was it? Not a Schwinn. I don’t think it was a Murray either. That Stingray was a good solid bike.

If you sold for Olympic and got a bike, what brand was it? Were their prizes good? I always took commission instead.

It’s because I had bad experiences with mail order. (I’m looking at you, Sea Monkeys)

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