Superballs don’t hurt!


I used to own a vending machine route, some of the machines dispensed these superballs for a quarter, a good profit. So, I knew where I could buy them by the tub of 100.

I worked at Boeing on a lift that took me up to about 40 feet high, for the last 14 years of my career. My plan was to bring a tub of those to work and in the last hour of my last day, dump them from on high and watch them bounce all over the warehouse. But my union steward said it was a bad idea. Why did I listen to him?

There were thousands of small cardboard pull-out bins with various nuts and bolts type stuff, I thought of getting 100 lotto tickets and putting them in random bins. Think of the disruption there would be with people searching for those instead of picking orders.

I didn’t do that either. I just turned in my badge and slunk off into the night. It would have been nice to visit sometimes, put my feet up and and say “back in my day” like Inspector Luger on the old Barney Miller sitcom. But they don’t allow it.

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