Month: May 2023

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A poll for the ladies

Tampax once asked; Which one does NOT use Tampax? I think it’s the lady on the upper right. She can’t…

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But is it art?

This is what happens when all your school stuff gets crammed in your backpack; Your “Three legged Alien Dog” winds…

Don't tell God how big the storm is
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Food for thought

A fridge magnet Teresa found. I never paid attention to it before, but now that we are going through some…

Semi with cat riding on dash
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Cool cool kitty relaxes truck driver

Check out this fun kitty chilling on the dashboard. I’m kind of jealous because our cat will go under the seat and refuse to come out if we don’t use her carrier.

MySpace seminar for concerned parents!
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OMG the Cyber-threat that is MYSPACE! We have to protect our youth! They might start a garage band, or whine…

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Uncle Hank

I sure would love to see my dad’s Uncle Hank pull up in his old pickup, usually with a dog along for the ride.