Honda Keyfob cost more than a Chrysler

So glad I found my lost keys to my 2014 Honda Civic. It would have cost $100 or more to get this taken care of and programmed or whatever.

When I was young and broke I bought a 66 New Yorker for $50. It was beautiful inside but had been sideswiped on the passenger side. Also the power steering unit was going out, the guy I bought it from had thoughtfully attached a “suicide knob” to the steering wheel to mitigate that problem.

He had planned to take it to the demolition derby but needed cash. I would have kept it for a long time, it rode like a dream, but it was killing me at the pump, even when I was in Renton and could “Fill-Em_Fast with cheap-ass gas”. I suppose every economically depressed area has a station like that. No “Techron”. No “Tiger in your tank”. Just…. Gas.

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