Too many cooks defeat homeless sign

Brittany homeless sign

Saw this sign on the ground while walking the dog in an industrial area. I think Brittany found that it was not a good draw. Who is going to read all that while sitting at the light? And what does “Hy’Schque” even mean? Google shrugged it’s mighty shoulders when I tried to find out.

I suspect that Brittany had “help” from other homeless or semi-homeless people in her circle. The one guy says “You gotta put PRAYER and WWJD in there! Church people tote a lot of guilt!”

Larry the street dentist probably advised her to put “Just a friendly smile” – Once you get them talking, the cash isn’t far behind! That’s salesmanship 101.

Whoever came up with “Hy’schque” was probably just mind-fucking her.

Whatever… I hope the fact that she cast her sign aside is a good sign. No matter what she’s gotten herself into, she’s somebody’s daughter. Or son. It’s hard to say these days.

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