You young bucks can get the attention of the ladies with these uncommon icebreakers. Don’t worry that they are sort of weird. They like that, for some reason.

Girls feeding a deer

Go ahead and try these nonsensical pickup lines, it throws the young ladies off guard. if it doesn’t, then your alarm bells should be ringing.

  • “If I said you had a beautiful body, would you get your thumb out of my hash browns?”
  • “Heaven must be missing an angel, because your face rings a bell”
  • “I’m either in love with you, or I’m having a stroke. Why don’t you kiss me, and then nurse me back to health.”
  • Are you poison ivy? Because you make me want to take off my pants.
  • SECURITY TO PRODUCE DEPARTMENT! You are obviously trying to shoplift melons.

OK, those last two were a little creepy. Do you have anything better?

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