Month: March 2023

A shoebox of matches
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I found a whole shoebox of matchbooks in the office closet! Looks like there are some good old ones in…

Mary Dismal needs Midol (Old advertisement)
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Midol for Men

I used to work with a guy who always seemed to be “MANstruating” – He didn’t limit himself to just…

Corndogs grown in the wild need to be prepared in a special way.
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NaturaI corndogs

Who comes up with these goofy Facebook memes? I have to admit though, these do look like corndogs. You often…

Alert frog croaks on doorstep
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Our new doorman

My parents used to have one of these croaking frog greeters. I think it started to grate on their nerves,…

Whimsical fire hydrant with googly eyes
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It makes me nervous

Whenever we are walking the dog down by the airport, I feel like I am being watched. It just occurred…