A shoebox of matches


I found a whole shoebox of matchbooks in the office closet! Looks like there are some good old ones in there too. I don't know why I collect stuff like…
Mary Dismal needs Midol (Old advertisement)

Midol for Men

I used to work with a guy who always seemed to be "MANstruating" - He didn't limit himself to just a few days a month. It's too bad the Period…
Corndogs grown in the wild need to be prepared in a special way.

NaturaI corndogs

Who comes up with these goofy Facebook memes? I have to admit though, these do look like corndogs. You often see them growing near the fairgrounds.
Alert frog croaks on doorstep

Our new doorman

Though shall not pa... FLY? What fly? My parents used to have one of these croaking frog greeters. I think it started to grate on their nerves, so they turned…
Whimsical fire hydrant with googly eyes

It makes me nervous

Whenever we are walking the dog down by the airport, I feel like I am being watched. It just occurred to me, my dog never once peed on this hydrant.…