But honey… it’s rustic!

Flooring Saw from Lowe's
I finally got this flooring saw that I’ve had my eye on. After I figured out how to use the dumb thing, well you know, everything needed sawing all of a sudden.

We had a problem where the dog goes all Cujo when we leave him here alone. When we come back, he tries to literally claw through the wallboard so he can bark at us and possibly bite us. As you might imagine, it did quite a number on the sheetrock, not to mention the curtains.
Rustic Furring Strip
I had a bright idea while I was buying the saw, I got some “furring strips” and used some leftover blue-gray stain, to beef up that wall, and hopefully it won’t be as much fun to claw. Teresa says, “That one has a hole in it!” “It’s a knothole! It’s rustic!”, I reply. “It looks kind of uneven there-” “It’s rustic! Rustic folks don’t have straight edges!” She just doesn’t understand, I’m getting back to my rural roots here.

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