Month: February 2023

Secret Admirer Bear
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The Secret Admirer

The Mrs. bought some books at a thrift store a while back, and found a Hallmark card inside- (Estimated to be from 1975) The card…

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Attitude problem

I used to work with a guy that would walk about five feet, stop and sigh heavily, then walk another five feet… I found this…

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Kid's homework worksheet
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Do your homework!

Don’t just scribble some crap on it and chuck it out the car window on the way home! All you need to do is write…

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Looking for Gunkey the pathetic cat
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Have you seen Gunkey?

Some young, heartbroken child has been searching for a lost cat named “Gunkey”. At least, I think he’s a cot. Detailed drawing, but as far…

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Doctor with basaball bat
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Construction site maladies

A construction worker goes to the doctor and says, “Doc, I’m constipated.”

The doctor examines him for a minute and then says, “Lean over the table.”

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Charlotte Scott nee Miller 1960
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Everyone is cool in a GTO Convertible.

Here’s a picture of my sister Charlotte from about 1960. I was born in April of that year, I guess she didn’t realize what a…

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First Grade Parkside Elementary Midway WASH
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The Parkside Kids

I guess this is the class of 1967, for picture day I got your basic buzz cut (Dad had a flat top! And I don’t…

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The "Troll Booth" geocache
Posted in Highways and Byways

Trollbooth cache gives me a Stephen King feeling

This is the “Trollhouse” geocache we logged a few years ago. I put it on our favorites list just for the novelty of it. The…

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A disturbing hall table with mannequin legs.
Posted in Flotsam

But is it art? And will the cat tip it over?

I was looking at designs for the Altoids robot I am working on, and ran across this; I would be concerned that it would wander…

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old school drafting
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Pencils down, it’s happy hour

Not sure where I dug this up from, but I am pretty sure my dad worked here or in a very similar situation, when he…

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