Political Turmoil

Political turmoil has always been with us, but I was too young to vote in the 70’s. I just liked the buttons.

Nixon and Spiro Agnew were up for reelection in 1972, and I guess times were good, because they handily defeated George McGovern. People vote with their wallets, in the end.

It didn’t hurt that they had deep pockets with which to buy lots and lots of propoganda. “Now more than ever.” What does that even mean?

Archie Bunker even got into the act, sending Edith into a tizzy and prompting a lot of yelling instigated by the meathead. He had a lot of nerve considering he was living under Archie’s roof.

Personally, my demographic supported Jughead. Free hamburgers for all! This way before Archie comics got all dark and broody. HEY GUYS! Betty or Veronica? Discuss.

Overall, Queen Victoria would have been seriously unimpressed.

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