When you gotta go

I have had this outhouse for years and years, but it has been in the garage. It (loudly) says things like “Did someone DIE in here??” or “HEY Where’s the toilet paper?”. A few other things. I would have designed it with many more recordings, maybe even so you can make your own? Or use bluetooth to activate it when it’s not expected? Things were different then.

The problem was, the coin activated method always worked, but pushing down the smokestack didn’t always work. Naturally, I assumed the problem was a spring or some other mechanism malfunction on that part.

After much fiddling around and inspecting, turned out it needed a new spring in the battery compartment. (It’s the kind where one AA goes down and the other goes up, to make a 3v loop.) I finally got it to work reliably as designed. Can hardly wait to hear some random houseguest unknowingly activate it!


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