Hanger Tape is right up there with duct tape and large Phillip’s screwdrivers

Hangar Tape is right up there with duct tape!
One of our downspouts had rusty old brackets, and the problem was compounded by strong winds and people bumping into it over the years.

It finally up and fell to the ground, causing an untenable situation because my wife could hear the waterfall sound when it rained. I sent away for brackets to match but they sent some totally unrelated plastic U shaped things for downspouts that are mounted right up against the house; mine needed a few inches of standoff.

One guy at the hardware store said what I needed for this project was “Plumber’s Tape”, which made me think of the white Teflon/vinyl stuff you wrap around pipe threads. No, the guy in the plumbing department called it “Hanger Tape” and that was what was on the wrapper too. Apparently “Plumber’s Tape” is the old timer’s name for it. Personally I would call this product “Galvanized steel flexible hanger ribbon” or maybe strap, it sure doesn’t seem that the word “tape” should come into play here. So who am I, the word police now?

Anyway, it’s just the right balance of flexible and stiff to form it into a makeshift bracket, and use two 5″ strips of it to secure the downspout to the side of the house. Now there are plans on my mental drawing table to use this in my design for a toilet tissue roller modification that would reduce the amount of TP that goes into the septic tank. BABY STEPS

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