A draft, aft.

When I was a young un, and I was being kind of a brat, at some point my mother would comment, “John’s just showing his butt today!” I guess if I was in another time and place, this might have been me.

Didn’t the Army issue underwear though? And what has this soldier been eating, to cause such a massive blowout?

I am pretty sure the Navy issued underwear in boot camp, or did they? I don’t remember. I don’t think I brought any spares to Chicago with me, so they must have.

One time, after my dad had retired, I told him about dreams I have where there was some sort of SNAFU and I had to go back to boot camp. He told me he had similar nightmares, except it involved having to go back to working at Boeing. Later I retired from Boeing also, but no unpleasant dreams about it. I guess I liked my job better than he liked his.

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