Year: 2023

junque store display table
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In case of earthquake

My sister Evelyn saw the printer’s tray I recently acquired, but has a strong preference for this table she saw…

Old concept of the car of the future
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The Future is now, sort of.

Television “screens” will hang on the walls. An electric heat pump will use outside air to cool your house in summer, heat it in winter. Also, Your food will cook in seconds instead of hours.

Mystery dangerous woman from thrift store photo album
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She’s dangerous!

Teresa got an old photo album at the Goodwill for some project, and there were several pictures of this badass left in there.

Old typesetter's drawer. Is anyone still setting type? I would hate that job.
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Hot off the presses!

I found one of those old newspaper type drawers relatively cheap from someone on Mercari. It is much bigger than I thought!

Kmart blue light special means there all deals to be had
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Better without words

I have found that the K-marts of the 1970’s had it right. Christmas music needs to be in the BACKGROUND.

Ice and flu shots, and Jimmy Johns. What could go wrong?
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The new flu review

Turns out there is NOT an “Ice Flu” going around, wouldn’t that be wierd? The late night hosts would make…

Meet the Dutch whimsical WWII postcard
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Friendship in war

Not sure precisely what is going on here. The dutch girl and the soldier on the tank seem to be hitting it off…