Let’s build a better FUT

I should have known better, but I got some shoes via an Internet ad, from some outfit called “Burnzay”… that alone should have been a red flag… but the shoes came from a Los Angeles outfit called ALICE… They have problems of their own, I found many complaints online that people are getting shoes from them they never ordered or paid for.

The shoes look nice enough, for a $34 pair of shoes, and they are exceedingly comfortable. Lots of toe room! I think Burnzay/Alice must have gotten then from a distressed merchandise sale, because look at the decorative leather tags they could have left off…

Now I am all for building “A BETTER FUT” but the tags on my shoes do not help the cause. I’m thinking of applying a magic marker on those tags to mute the idiocy. The shoes already smell kinda chemically? so it won’t be any worse? Anyone else wind up with weird shoes?

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