Saving heating money makes me feel warm!

It was 12 degrees outside today so of course the furnace was not working.

I took a gander, ( It’s downstairs in Teresa’s “craft room”.) The condensate pump was making a howling noise and the alarm light was flashing. The reservoir was full too.

Diversitech CP22 Condensate Pump

A youtuber said there is a one-way valve at the base of the output hose that gets clogged- I shut off the circuit breaker and went to remove that hose, unfortunately I could NOT get it off the pump, in the process I banged the pump around a bit. Finally gave up and since the hose from the furnace just rests in the pump reservoir, I moved it to drain in a bucket so we could get some heat going.

Later, I went down there and saw that the pump had pumped that water out of the box, so I put the hose back where it was, and came back later and watched it, when there was enough water the pump kicked on and operated normally. My theory is that I had cleared that valve clog when I was monkeying around with the pump. Anyway, we are warm and didn’t need to call the furnace repair outfit. That gave me a warm feeling and I got some Husband Points too.

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