Month: October 2022

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Edgar vomit

   October 21, 2022  0 Comments on Edgar vomit

I ran across this 1954 copy of “Sexsations”, which was not all it was cracked up to be. I remember…

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   October 11, 2022  0 Comments on EEEEEE!!

Playing Wordfeud with my sister. I have a really lousy hand here, there are five E tiles! I’ve almost cornered…

Who shrunk my keyboard?
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Who shrunk my keyboard?

   October 6, 2022  0 Comments on Who shrunk my keyboard?

Who shrunk my keyboard? Bob? Come on, you guys! This isn’t even funny. how immature!

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Electrical heaven or hell

   October 5, 2022  0 Comments on Electrical heaven or hell

Newegg has these surge protectors on sale. I was kind of tempted, but the things I could plug into that…

Old primer illustration looks like mugging
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Street Robbery!

   October 4, 2022  0 Comments on Street Robbery!

I have an old “Fun with Tom and Betty” primer, it is not as valuable or popular as Dick and…