Olympic Sales Club went to pot

I used to sell Christmas Cards on commission for Olympic back in about 1970. I bought a used Schwinn Stingray and had to sell a lot fewer boxes than I would have to get the off-brand bike in the “prize” catalog.

The guy wanted $30, Dad talked him down to $25… After a long period of everyone standing around with their hands shoved in their pockets. What’s the deal with that?

I’m not sure if I would have chosen this opportunity if they had “Caption O” in the 1970 ad. That guy is creepier that Jared from subway. He probably drives a windowless van with candy in the glove box.

I think the ad I answered only had a PO Box to write to, and they would send a sales kit designed to get a kid all hyped up to go out and sell! And it worked!

Stuttering at Sally

I don’t think I would have even gotten started if I had to call Sally first. I don’t know why I was shy about the phone, I talked to dozens of neighbors who either did not know who I was, or just had a vague notion that I was “that strange boy that lives over near the high school”

I didn’t care, just as long as they ordered some cards, or at least didn’t slam the door on my foot.

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