Our fridge would make a terrible racket in recent weeks, I finally got tired of it and “fixed” it today. Now I am going around sniffin’ and hitchin’ up my pants like Mr. Furley on the old “Three’s Company” reruns.

Leftover bits from a destroyed icemaker out of old Samsung side by side fridge
Leftover icemaker bits

I ultimately had to hack my way into the icemaker enclosure, the stuff behind the tray that is supposed to freeze water and then flip around and dump cubes into a standby bin, and then dispense said cubes on demand.

These are the bits I had to remove. That black motor would rotate the metal bar with the plastic doohickey at the end. The motor and the plastic doohickey had somehow become unmoored and the whole thing was bouncing around in there. I don’t know who started it.

The jagged plastic thing with the round thingie coming out of it, that’s just some of the enclosure, that I sawed up with my moto-tool. I am surprised the cutting wheel lasted through the whole ordeal, they usually break (hence the need for safety glasses) then I have to go down to the garage and replace it.

I don’t know where the rubber band came from.

Now the fridge hums quietly, and I am going to make a shelf for that area with my 3D printer. This was a lot more fun than going to Judd and Black and getting a new fridge. That day will come, I’m not a miracle worker.

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