The Good and Plenty incident

Many years ago, I had something happen that would henceforth be referred to as “The G&P Incident”.
A good friend at work had overcome years of substance abuse problems. Not long before the G&P incident, he had told me some tales from his past that were pretty sad and and shocking. (I have led a relatively sheltered life)
So imagine my alarm when one day he sidles up to me, opens a folded napkin, very briefly revealing two capsules or capsule shaped pills; one purple, one white. Nervously, he told me that he had a dealer give him those, and had been battling his demons on whether to take them for hours (We worked second shift)

Do I want to have these drugs in my possession? At work? Nosiree Bob.

My friend was very amused when I told him that I had flushed them down the toilet and offered me a treat from his box of Good & Plenty licorice candies.

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