New life for old paper boxes!

I just heard about this “Free Blockbuster” thing… People are putting DVD, Blueray, even VHS tapes, in repainted old newspaper boxes, for free “leave a movie, take a movie”.

There are boxes for a “Free Library” near our house, generally it looks a lot nicer, basically a weatherproof cupboard on a stand, to take or leave books.

Old newspaper box in your yard
In the yard??

Another problem with Newspaper boxes, you would have to be choosy, many of them open like an oven, which is not conducive to browsing, even if you put a shelf in there.

It’s a fun idea though. There’s and the little free library HQ is at – They are more established as of this writing. Both sites have maps showing where these libraries are located.

I would put one up myself, maybe a combination of the two, with a Geocache hidden on the back… But right now we are living on a narrow street and there are children around here that actually play outside! Are their X-boxes broken?

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