Be careful what you wish for, coyote.

I found this little roadrunner novelty souvenir at a thrift store a few years ago.

Novelty souvenir caged roadrunner

He’s a cute little guy… just a little roadrunner doll, made in Japan. At least, I hope it’s just a doll. I can’t imagine capturing and going through whatever the taxidermy process is on a baby roadrunner, would be economical.

Some information about roadrunners attached to a crate with a toy roadrunner to mail

I learned from the little blurb on the side of the crate, that the road runner can fly, it just chooses to run instead. Also, the roadrunner kills rattlesnakes and eats them! Watch out, coyote! My cousin used to have a blacklight poster of the coyote preparing to eat a roasted bird, and it wasn’t a turkey. So please forgive my confusion regarding these creatures.

Address label for a little roadrunner in a crate novelty.

There is a shipping label so you can mail this little crate just like a postcard, but I don’t think today’s post office would accept that. Too bad- Wouldn’t it be fun to get this little guy in the mail, just in his little crate?

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