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The western series “Bonanza” lasted decades on TV, but I never sat down and watched it. Nevertheless, I found this parody of it to be quite entertaining. I kept coming back for the delightfully ridiculous cowboy impersonations, and the repartee about the dramatic goings-on at the Ponderosa. Too bad they only made 18 episodes. I think the host got a sore throat. (Regarding why the Ponderosa is like a vagina; “You don’t want strange fellas drillin’ on it”) https://www.earwolf.com/show/bonanas-for-bonanza/

It’s harder than it looks!

I am an insomniac* and as such I leave a playlist of podcasts running all night on a pillow speaker so as to keep myself from pondering my looming mortality, while not keeping my wife awake. These are links to selected episodes of some of my favorite podcasts. Some are defunct, but still worth a listen.

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