A tribute to the Peter Putters of the world

A page from the 1951 Jensen Byrd supply catalog

My dad’s old Jensen-Byrd supply catalog had 1641 pages of everything under the sun. Many of the items were from small suppliers. I imagine that Peter Putter had some sort of chemical background, but instead of going the way of Walter White, he perfected Peter Putter’s Plaster Pencils.

I have tried various hole filling compounds, invariably they would dry up well before I could use but a small fraction of it.

The catalog had a wide assortment of putties. In those days hardware stories carried a variety, because stubborn old farts would storm out if you didn’t have “the only kind that works” and they all had a different idea of what that was.

Peter Putter Putty Pencil advisor ad

I would probably have looked for Peter’s because I really want to know what their cheerful advisor has to say.

The last few pages are devoted to sleds, skis, snowshoes, ice skates… Welcome to Fargo!

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