Don’t doubt the Garage Sale Queen

Barbie's tattooed frenemy Teresa doll is a bad influence.

We were listening to the “Business Wars” podcast last night, they were talking about Mattel introducing G.I. Joe, not daring to call it a “doll” – I asked Teresa if she still had those Barbies from that garage sale. We were talking about how many different Barbies there were, and I thought she was joking that one had tattoos. Why did I doubt her? She dug around, and sure enough, here’s one with tattoos. Comes with temporary tattoos so girls can put them on the doll, their own selves, or on dad if he’s taking a nap.

Technically this is Barbie’s “friend” Teresa, still in the box with tattoos. I think they should call her Barbie’s “Frenemy” because there is a heart on her hip with Ken’s name inside. Look, Joe has been deployed a long time, and a girl has needs.

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