Can’t buy a simple washer at the hardware store

Whenever I go to a hardware or auto-supply store, I try to avoid the young people who are still learning the ropes. Instead I seek out the cranky old guy, who always resembles Popeye; actually in this case, Mike from “Breaking Bad”. I call him the COG (Crabby Old Guy).

under the sink faucet connection problem The chain store I went to doesn’t even carry a simple 1/2″ cone washer to twist on the cold water supply line under the sink and stop a simple leak. The COG insisted that I would have to replace the cold water supply valve, also the line to the sink. Maybe this is what the plumbing code requires these days, it wouldn’t surprise me. Seems to me that a guy should be able to do an emergency leak repair without having to worry about that.

I found the cone washers on Amazon, four to a package; $7.43 with shipping and sales tax. According to the comments on Amazon, all of the hardware chains have dropped these washers. The package says “Cone Washer Small 1/2” Nut to thread-on Type 02-2241 if that helps. (UPDATE: Five months later, no leaks! I take my small victories where I can get them.)