Cutting the cable cord is satisfying but pointless

I see that in 2020, when we had Xfinity AKA Comcast, which included internet and TV (We got rid of the land line years ago) – the total had crept up to $185 or so…

Man strangling himself with a telephone cord
Geeky businessman strangling himself with telephone on grey background

So we switched to Ziply Fiber, $90.90 a month for high speed, reliable internet. Now what about content?

Youtube premium (basically youtube without ads) is a great deal for about $11 monthly. If it was just me, I would stop right there, but everybody else here wants to watch “TV shows” – Basically our choices for that are YouTube TV or Hulu live TV, take your pick for $70, This is starting to add up! I looked at the cheaper options like Sling, Fubo, Philo, etc. but they don’t have the channels we like.

HANDY TIP > Check with your cellphone company, we have T-mobile and they pay for our Netflix, we just pay $5 for 2 screens at the same time option. I think they have a similar offer for Peacock Plus, but I couldn’t get it to work so we pay $6 a month for that, but I plan to cancel it when we finish watching the Office. I didn’t see anything else worth paying extra for.

Add in Pandora for $4- Teresa listens to that all day when not watching TV or not home. It’s worth it to listen with no ads.

Grand total? About $181. We are saving a grand total of $4 a month. Yay!


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