A Wordle Tip!

I am addicted to WORDLE. I discovered something on today’s game;

I started with the word FRANK, (Yes, it’s a word!) WORDLE returned the information that I only had one letter, the R, and it was in the wrong spot. Next round I tried GORED, to much more success. G,O,R, all in the right place. and E but I saw that that must go on the end.

Then I was stymied, I was thinking it can’t be GORGE because I already used the G. But as it turns out, you can have more than one of a given letter. I was pleased to complete it in try #3.

I would like to see this game let me play like once an hour instead of once a day, and maybe via a cellphone app? I need my WORDLE fix!

Try it! Wordle – A daily word game (powerlanguage.co.uk)

P.S. Some “experts” recommend certain words that are good to start the grid with; ARISE. STEAR. Probably the letters E and S are extra common in the world of five letter

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