Drink up Chuck and Di for this royal postage stamp

Charles and Diana 14 pence stamp

I know it’s hard to believe, but people used to collect postage stamps, in albums. They would examine the perforations and other details with a magnifying glasses, carefully protecting, classifying, and organizing. They talked in hushed tones.

Some outfits tried to cash in on this hobby by selling a batch of “good” stamps cheaply, while contracting to send more “on approval” every few weeks, probably until the stamp collector was long dead.

This batch features Prince Charles, and his then-wife Diana, Princess of Wales- A fetching former kindergarten teacher. Good grief, no wonder it didn’t last, look at the size difference! She would look up and see nothing but teeth and nose hairs! And the deal breaker, he was seeing someone else on the side.

Diana was tragically killed in car wreck in a tunnel, her driver trying to outrun some paparazzi. I don’t get it, what’s the harm in them taking some blurry photos? And what happened to tinted windows?

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