My Computer is going bananas

Fred Flintstone had a computer?

My sad tale of the day; In recent weeks, my computer has developed a habit of freezing up 2 or 3 times at least, every day. Malware and virus scans are reporting that everything is hunky dory. It might be a corrupt driver or something. I did lots of research, even consulting the manual (See pic on right)

This rekindled my desire to upgrade to SSD. The idea is to make a bootable USB drive, install the SSD using an adapter kit because it’s only 2.5″ and the traditional bays are for 3.5″. Put windows on that, and relegate the old drive to being a D drive. (What happened to A and B? Why does it start with C drive?) Then I will gradually install the programs I use onto this new, supposedly faster drive. Sound like a plan?

Most YouTube how-to videos suggest just cloning the old drive, but I don’t think that will solve the freeze problem.

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