Month: December 2021

The 4 gift rule for Christmas gifts
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Worst. Santa. Ever.

It turns out, there is nothing she likes in Dick’s Sporting Goods, although she was looking at the guns.

Charles and Di stamp
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Drink up Chuck and Di for this royal postage stamp

I know it’s hard to believe, but people used to collect postage stamps, in albums. They would examine the perforations and other details with a magnifying glasses, carefully protecting, classifying, and organizing. They talked in hushed tones.

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The Philips Radio Zap

Philips radios sounded great, and beautiful cabinetry too. It’s too bad they apparently had a problem with static electricity.

Dog does not like pond scum
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My dog Cody typically investigates EVERYTHING on any given trail, but he turns up his nose at pond scum.

snorting donkey and lion rebus postcard, vintage
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The donkey and the lion

couldn’t figure out the rebus on this postcard, because I thought it was a horse, not a donkey, aka ass. I was distracted by the smoking, the snorting, and the eyelashes! Those eyelashes.

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My Computer is going bananas

My sad tale of the day; In recent weeks, my computer has developed a habit of freezing up 2 or 3 times at least, every day. Malware and virus scans are reporting that everything is hunky dory. It might be a corrupt driver or something. I