Back in My Day · November 11, 2021 0

Sir Mix-A-Lot – My Hooptie

Music video by Sir Mix-A-Lot performing My Hooptie. © 1989 American Recordings, LLC


I know all about hoopties… When I was younger I would drive vehicles that cost me from $50 to $500…. to purchase. The $50 ride was a 65 New Yorker that was pristine inside… but it had been sideswiped, the power steering pump needed replacement, and something was wrong with the push-button transmission. If I stopped, it went into neutral, and I had to hit L2 and Li then D to get up to speed again. That was fine until one day I tripped and sprained my right wrist. So I had to reach over with the left hand to push those buttons. And the gas! Even when I went to Fill-Em-Fast and filled it fast with cheap ass gas, it was dollaring me to death.