NeverJetHot: Our story.

It’s the personal blog of a somewhat bored retired airplane factory drone. Oddly, my name anagrams to “Never Jet Hot”. Go figure!

Back When I was working, we had many adventures, too many to enumerate here. Some of my favorites;

FAILED SUPERGLUE. I worked at Waste Management for a time, one day those shop guys glued my Igloo lunchbox shut, with some industrial product akin to superglue. In a rage, I managed to pry it open with my bare hands! Another time they put grease on my phone handset and then called me. It felt weird and I pulled it away from my ear. It made a BLORP noise.

THE GOOD AND PLENTY INCIDENT. I thought I was helping a coworker quit narcotics, he put them on my desk and quickly left. I threw them away without examining them, so very naive.

THE BOOMBOX DESTRUCTION. I was on 3rd shift, a 2nd shift worker* got so tired of the loud radio wars, that she took the derelict warehouse boombox and with a mighty swing HURLED it to the cement warehouse floor. The manager told them basically NO MUSIC FOR YOU. Third shift was much more relaxed about that, but I had a problem with the truck doors being open when it’s 30 degrees out.

(* I forget her name! But she always called me “Chief”.)

Those are just off the top of my head.

These days, I have the usual old fart hobbies;, collecting old matchbook covers, and other midcentury odds and ends; (Because I want to go back there.)

We hunt for Geocaches, and used to travel some, maybe next year? Hoping to have a mask burning party by this time next year? I was hoping to go to Mexico for dental work someday soon.

OH YEAH… Just for fun we peddle some stuff on ebay…. Mostly left from a defunct novelty store

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