An alarmingly good time at the World’s Fair

Seattle World's Fair poster

I was too young and missed the Century 21 World’s Fair in Seattle in 1962. However, they left behind a lot of fun stuff, the Space Needle of course, the monorail, the “bubbleator” – an elevator that was a big plastic bubble. Today it serves as a greenhouse at some guy’s property out in the boonies.

I took my girlfriend (now wife) down to the Seattle Center to just have a bite to eat, ride the bubbleator, play what passed for games in the little midway they had then.

Unfortunately, as we were walking out of the parking garage, I said something funny, and she laughed so hard, she peed her pants a little bit. I guess it wasn’t real bad, I think I loaned her my coat, which was long enough to hide that. We still had loads of fun. I wish I could remember what I said that was so funny, but we would probably not think so now. Humor is a fleeting thing.

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