Tmobile censors reviews!

Galaxy Note20 cellphone

Tmobile asked for a review of the Galaxy Note20 we had recently purchased, but apparently they didn’t care for my criticism of their service, or maybe they didn’t like that I revealed a way to end the voice mail hall of mirrors and get to talk to someone eventually. I gave the phone a five star review, but apparently you have to think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread to have your review accepted. Well, fuck them. I have a blog. Here is the review as originally submitted;

Best phone we have had so far.
I surprised my wife with this phone, and just in time, because her old phone had some kind of meltdown and got really hot, and the screen part warped! New phones should come with instructions for disposing of old phones. This new Note is nice and big, I got a nice leather case for it too. Really fast and the changeover wasn’t too bad except I got stuck in T-mobile’s voice mail hell, robo screener finally set me up with a callback when I told it the phone was stuck in my butt crack (It wasn’t really I was just frustrated) The nice lady that called back did some cellphone voodoo from their office and got it working in a jiffy.

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