MONOPOLY HOUSE RULES. Stop picking your nose.

A rainy day plan; Try to make Monopoly less like monotony. We came up with some house rules, will modify/add/delete when they are “battle tested”.

  • $20 RENT RULE. All unimproved lots, from Mediterranean Avenue to Boardwalk, rent for $20. No more counting out ones!
  • COLLECT YOUR RENT- The official rule about losing out on rent if you aren’t paying attention stays! Stop farting around with your cellphone. Some people think this rule is unfair, but without it people will simply lose interest in the game.
  • FREE PARKING – Land on free parking and you get all the money there. This has got to be the most common house rule. 
  • HIGH BAIL RULE. If you are in jail, the ONLY way to get out is to put $500 CASH in Free Parking. Also, because your tenants and employees are dirtbags and you aren’t around to keep an eye on them, All of your properties can only collect “vacant lot” rent. So settle in and be nice to Bubba. (Get out of jail free cards are useless here)
  • NO MORTGAGE – If you run out of cash, you make a deal with someone (anyone) to buy your property title(s) for cash, or the bank takes all your properties and gives you $500 for the lot. Because bankers are jerks.
  • UNCLUTTER THE BOARD – You can only buy one house per property , then one hotel per property after all houses in that color are placed.  This reduces the problem with angry players stomping around knocking your buildings off of their foundations.
Dog visiting boot in Monopoly jail.

Some of these rules will surely have unintended consequences, so they will be discarded or modified. And some people are sticklers for Parker Brothers rules. Don’t play with them. If you do, don’t visit them in jail.

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