Festive in Spain, matches light it up

Spanish dancer matchbook cover

These Spanish Matches say “Fosforera Espanola” on the saddle. Literally, “Spanish Matches” or, “Spanish Phosphorus”. Same thing. No advertising, just folks having a festival, or in espanol, “festival”. You would think there would be an ad for dancing shoes, or Sangria.

FYI, collecting matchbooks is just another of my lame covid-era hobbies. Someday I will kick the bucket, I wonder what the kids will do with all this. When my mother-in-law passed away, she left an extensive collection of assorted small bells. The girls didn’t fight for them, they each took their favorites, and I think the Goodwill had a sale on bells a few weeks later. The cycle of useless possessions continues. I guess they bring some joy to the collector.

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