Geocache hidden in plain sight

Fake rock lets you hide a small geocache in plain sight.
inconspicuous hollow rock.

We were out looking for geocaches at River Meadows Park (That’s NE of Arlington, Washington, if you aren’t from around here – like 50 miles North of Seattle if you are REALLY not from around here)

There are a bunch of caches in this park, we found two- because we brought our elderly dog and he got pooped out. This particular cache was in one of those fake rocks you are supposed to hide a spare key in.

Maybe it’s because I used to own a novelty shop that sold those, and when you take two dozen out of a box and they all look exactly the same, they look less like rocks and more like slow moving merchandise.

The upside of that is that I spotted this one right away. I guess if you haven’t seen one before you might walk right past it.

I just remembered reading in the cache description, a plea to not throw rocks in the river, and they mentioned it was “a stone’s throw” from the river. All that stuff went right over my head!

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