Aluminum can recycling will not make you rich!

Cycle of can recycling

My dad was obsessed with recycling cans. He built a thing where you load cans in a chute, and when you pull a lever, it squashes and ejects a can, then you push the lever back up to reload. It was quite the workout.

Later he built this electric squasher with what looks like a washing machine motor. But then you have to load cans one at a time. By this time, him and mom had given up canned beverages, so he never got around to making a chute for it (Although someone would still have to load the chute).

Later he gave us the contraption, and we have used it for years. Today, I took some cans, and an aluminum wheel that was damaged and replaced. That trip fetched $14, five Bazooka Joe wrappers, and a coupon for 20 cents off a can of pork and beans.

Long and the short of it, We have decided to sell the machine on Craigslist, despite it’s sentimental value. We have several reasons to do that.

  1. Stored cans might attract pests.
  2. It barely covers the gas money.
  3. I need the room in the garage because we want a ping-pong table.
  4. It’s a waste of time, we could be playing cribbage or watching Green Acres reruns.

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