It’s just a log, being a navigational hazard.

Log jutting from the waters of Ebey Slough, North of Everett, WA

We were walking the dog on the trail by the sewage treatment pond, because that’s how we roll. Teresa spotted this log jutting out of the waters of Ebey Slough- but it’s not a log to her. A rock, maybe. Part of a sunken vessel? I insisted it was quite obviously a log. What does it look like to you? Surely not construction debris? Or something someone tried to dispose of in the slough, but the water got too low?

I finally got fed up. I exclaimed, “It’s LOG! It’s LOG! It’s BIG! It’s HEAVY! It’s Wood!

She rolled her eyes, but at least that ended the argument. For now.

Here’s the approximate location. Not a good place for half-sunken water hazards!

Location of log in ebey slough

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