Ode to Alfred E. Nueman

I recently acquired a large batch of old MAD magazines and books. I was really happy to get this one with the parody of Airport ’75, part of a popular series of airplane disaster movies. It cracked me up then, and again today. “Engine 3 is acting badly.” “Why should engine 3 be different than anyone else in this movie?” That’s classic.

MAD MAGAZINE "Airplot 75" excerpt

This was a good batch, they are getting rarer because everybody’s moms threw away so many. But I was dismayed to find an issue of “Cracked” in there.

I know it’s weird to have someone my age reading comic books, and not the superhero kind. It’s just oddly comforting in this time of covid, fires, and floods. Besides my doctor wants me to not drink anymore, and they cancelled the Daktari reruns.

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