Month: September 2021

Peeling potatoes in the Army
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Changing jobs just for the halibut

This guy must have really irked the sarge, to get the KP to beat all KPs. When he finishes his enlistment, he will get a nice civilian job, like making bloomin’ onions at the Outback.

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The Shit Be Gone opportunity

I was going through my passwords, went to and found that it’s dormant, and Jed is receptive to licensing…

The long walk back from unsuccessful geocache hunt.
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The trouble with geocaches

Could not find it to save our lives, and probably spent 45 minutes trying. Of course it was the first one of the day. Not an auspicious start.

People on the phone talking about something urgent
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Tmobile censors reviews!

I gave the phone a five star review, but apparently you have to think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread to have your review accepted. Well, fuck them. I have a blog.

1950's Television was a harbinger of the future
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Strange predictions from the distant past

Some day we may even have small computers in our homes, drawing their energy from electric-power lines like refrigerators or radios …