Wilfred’s Burmese Harp

A rare Burmese Boat Harp.

Here we have conductor Wilfred Pelletier plucking his Burmese Harp. The discordant sounds are a nice change from the orchestra’s pleasant yet predictable music. These things each had their own sound, they were hand made.

He had a collection of old musical instruments, and I fear that they were not appreciated by his heirs, who were probably listening to the Beatles and dropping acid by the time he passed away. Were they left in a dusty attic? Sold to the junkman? I don’t think Fred Sanford would recognize the value in these musical oddities.

Fortunately, my parents didn’t collect anything odd, although I wish they had saved their Formica dinette and other cool relics of the 50’s and 60’s. Dad’s Polka records. Mom used to have a plastic donkey pulling a cart of flowers she got on vacation.

My sister has their depression glass, I remember them going out to estate sales and auctions in search of that stuff. The thrill of the hunt! I do have dad’s heavy green glass ashtray, it must weigh 15 pounds.

RIP Mr. Pelletier, I hope your instruments brought you many hours of enjoyment.


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