T-Mobile’s Cybersecurity Fail; A Pandora’s box

Our chosen cellphone carrier, Tmobile, suffered a massive cybersecurity incident recently. Sadly, these things are fairly common. But, it’s a big deal when it happens to you.

To soothe everyone’s ruffled feathers, they added a “free” Apple TV one year subscription. But they still don’t get it; the perk was announced days before it became available. It was right there in the website splash screen. My complaint is that the announcement didn’t make it clear that it wasn’t ready, in fact there was a working link telling me to go click on my rate card or something like that. I could not find it, and wound up wandering around in Tmobile land until I got an error, try again later. Try what? It wasn’t ready yet.

Today is the day after the promotion started, and it went smoothly on their end, although I don’t see why I need to type in information they already have. Then I had to go to the Apple site- shouldn’t T-mobile have it all ready without having to create an account at yet another site? A site that requires that I give them a CREDIT CARD NUMBER??

Having given up on not having some guy in Ohshitistan use my credit to buy coke for his hookers, I went through that process too. Then I had to type my new Apple ID and password on my TV.

FINALLY. Now I have access to the entertainment wonderland that is Apple TV! BUT WAIT! Most of the content requires several dollars more to watch! Thanks a lot, T-Mobile!

If it wasn’t for our boarders and the Mrs. I would set up a converter and give the old roof antenna something to do. It has a deluxe Radio Shack rotator and everything, I just need to wire it back up! Between that and Youtube and the library I could be as entertained as I need to be.

PS: OK, the Charlie Brown/ Charles Schultz program was free and enjoyable to watch. There might be a few gems in the rubble.

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