Old school Ammo Can Geocaching Game

We have the original deluxe “Cache Me If You Can” geocaching board game, from 2013. The original, which came in an actual metal ammo box, similar to a large geocache you might find out on the trail. However, the game inside is the same setup as the version that came in a sturdy cardboard game box. The independent game company DPH games doesn’t skimp on materials.

It’s not your old “Game of Life” with the easily ingestible peg-people. We had a “Green Ghost” game that used cut-up rubber bands and other household dreck, no wonder you were supposed to play it in the dark (It glowed green. The whole board.)

This game is a lot of fun, my family has been geocaching for years, but you don’t have to enjoy that hobby to enjoy the game. We take it to a friend’s house on game night, and they all love it too.

Original Cache Me if you can game with metal ammo box

There is a “Zombie” expansion set for later versions of the game, but we haven’t tried that. It apparently is not compatible with the original version of the game. Seems dumb to buy the whole game over again just to add shuffling zombies, and it might over-complicate the game to the point where some people become disinterested. I am open to counter arguments to convince us to try it though.

(P.S. If you don’t know what it is, visit GeoCaching.com for details)

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