Not a good idea to drive like that

This old postcard is cute and all, and the young lady has no choice but to sit close in this loveseat-equipped jalopy.

When I was young and single, my girlfriend and later, wife, would sit close like that. She didn’t have to, the car was a 1966 Dynamic 88 – She could have sat like three feet away on the passenger side, and did so on occasion.

"A ride mit me" postcard, lovers in a jalopy

But one night I had my arm around her and had to make a sharp right, and went a little over the center line. When those blue lights came on, Teresa was sure that we were going to the hoosegow, the slammer, the house with the many sliding doors. In other words, jail. Because my friend Ralph was in the back seat and he had an open beer.

Fortunately, the officer that pulled us over just told me to pay more attention to driving and less to my girlfriend. Ralph was a few years older and he got chewed out pretty good. But no tickets were issued. My other friend Mario was back there too but had very little to say.

I guess what I am trying to say is STAY SAFE OUT THERE.

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