The covid hope pipe

This pipe with COVID SCREENED stickers all over it. A sign of our times.

I had to go in for some blood work today, just inside, a nice lady checks your temperature, and asks a litany of screening questions; “Have you been coughing? Do you have diarhea? Can you spell diarhea? (no) Constipation? Are you dizzy? What’s that thing on your chin? Who did you vote for?… etc. etc.

Finally, she gives you a SCREENED sticker with today’s date written on it, and then you get to go see the insurance screener, and that makes you forget that you have a goofy sticker on your good shirt.

When your appointment is over, the sticker is useless. Many people who have passed the screening process, not wanting to run the risk of going to the store wearing this silly sticker, they add it to what I call the “Covid Hope Pipe” – I like to think that when the pipe it completely covered, the virus will retreat to the bat cave and we can all resume hugging and kissing.

It kind of reminds me of Seattle’s “gum wall” only not as disgusting.

P.S. who the heck put those top two stickers on there? If you are that tall, wouldn’t you just be above the filthy covid breath of average people?

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