Steam Donkey and antique poop

I was walking Cody this morning, and explored a part of Jennings Park that I had never been to. It requires passing near the playground, and I am always concerned that Cody will assert his Egyptian heritage and make a pyramid. I always have plastic bags on hand and pick it up promptly, but even so I might incur the wrath of those moms.

However, I am glad we went that way. There is an old steam donkey, used for pulling logs out of the woods to be hauled to the sawmill. This area was rural until about a hundred years ago, and the people here knew how to do stuff.

Logging Steam Donkey, for when real donkey's won't do.
Well preserved logging “steam donkey” because real donkeys could not handle it.
Old outhouse padlocked to prevent shit theft

There was a rustic cabin there, I didn’t try to look inside, but I think it is furnished according to it’s time.

There was even an outhouse with a quarter moon on the door. I couldn’t get a very good picture of it because Cody was tugging on his leash, wanting to go play with the gaggle of kids at the playground.

The outhouse had a padlock on it! I guess they don’t want anyone stealing their vintage poop??

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